Bridgend AC

Track etiquette

A reminder to all athletes who train at the club house / track – so that most of you…
  • – Always look left when crossing the track – treat it as you might treat a road
  • Do the same when looking to cross the Long Jump runway – it too could have a sprinting athlete that might be interrupted (or worse) by you not looking
  • Look to to take the correct way around the track when looking to start efforts that maybe the other side of the track
  • Look to stay as close as you can to the inside of the track when running in lane 1 – to ensure easy overtaking where it happens
  • Use the outer lanes for recovery runs, warm-up and cool-down
  • Always be mindful of any throws practise in progress, and look to do as the coaches ask when this is happening – they are responsible for your safety
  • Don’t use headphones when you are training
Do this at Newbridge Fields and at ALL tracks you visit (especially during events)
Thanks all!

Be bright! Be seen! Wear Fluro…!

Hi there all – the nights are drawing in and whether you are running on organised club sessions or on your own you need to be safe and be seen….

Juniors – the club has a few fluro bibs you can borrow should you turn up at the club without one – but if there are none left, and you havent brought your own, and your coach is looking to take you off site – then you will not be allowed to join them on that session – so please bring something shiny!



Welsh Athletics Junior Championship photos

Hi there all,

There a number of free photo’s of the recent Junior Welsh Champs in Wrexham available from Mike Castle – see email below:

Mike can provide you with a printing service to full-size and full resolution to at least A3, many will even go to A2 poster size. Mike does not have a website – but is happy for athletes/parents to contact him directly via his email address –

I was a photographer at last weekend’s championships.

I have placed a selection of photographs of the Welsh Athletics Junior Championships event on my Dropbox link (185 in total).

You do NOT have to sign in or register to view these files.

If you go to the following link, you will be able to view the photos there.

However please note that they are currently at a reduced size and resolution to save memory but are available much larger and better resolution if required for printing, etc.

Let me know if you need any larger ones.

If you have not used Dropbox before it is very easy.  Just click on the first image, which should then open up by itself.

Use arrows at the bottom to scroll forward and back as required.

Unique/individual File names/numbers are shown in the top left corner (on a PC).

Please send the link to your athletics club/other parents/competitors etc. and use any of these images on your web site/ Facebook/ flyers/ etc. as required.

All I ask is that you/they must credit the photographer. Thank you.

Let me know if anyone would like any large prints (paper or canvas).

I have other photos but would like to know competitors number and their events.

Mike Castle