Development and modernisation of the club update meeting

There has been further progress on many areas of the development and modernisation of the club, and the officers would like to update the membership on Monday 25th March at 7:30pm at the clubhouse.

There principle areas that will be discussed are:

  1. The Status of the Club – Moving from a CASC to a CIO – explaining the implications of future club structures of a committee and Trustees. (CASC – Community Amateur Sports Club; CIO – Charitable Incorporated Organisation).
  2. Update on the BAC Modernisation Plan – track replacement, asset transfer of the facility, legal status etc.
  3. Appointment of a part-time Business Development Officer for the club, to support the officers/members on the BAC Modernisation Plan in the coming months/years; principally to source/apply for grants and take the club through the various legal processes, and act on behalf of the club at various levels of engagement with funders and stakeholders/partners.

At this meeting we will discuss the above so that the officers can further progress, with a mandate from the members; and to set an AGM date in April where we will move to the new club CIO model.

If any member requires paperwork on the above for information/scrutiny ahead of the meeting please request on email  from Steve Brace on 07989445627 or Please note that these are draft at this stage and for personal use and should not be shared.