Junior Roundup from the Weekend


This weekend was a busy one for BAC Juniors. Saturday brought day 2 of the Welsh Athletics Junior Open champs in Cardiff and international Cross Country in Antrim. Over at NIAC, Bridgend AC were represented in no fewer than 16 events with 31 athletes taking part. The day saw excellent performances delivered by all athletes, with some competing for their first time, while others moved into new age groups. It was great to see the yellow and blue populating the podium, with a total of 8 medals. 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 2 Bronze. A great haul considering the depth and breadth of competition on display from Wales and South East England.  Over in Antrim, Ffion Higginson was part of the Wales U17 team competing in the Celtic International. Ffion had a great run with a time of 16:16 and finishing in 42nd place.

Full BAC Results from the Junior Open

U17 Men 1500m – Devin COOMBES                       Bridgend AC (SWA)              4:27.96 2-(SWA) (Silver Medal)

U15 Boys 1500m – Tom ATTWOOD                        Bridgend AC (SWA)              5:10.76 4-(SWA)

U13 Girls 1500m – Mali MACDUFF                          Bridgend AC (SWA)              5:59.92 2-(SWA) (Silver Medal)

U13 Girls 800m – Anna-Rose MERCHANT             Bridgend AC (SWA)              3:00.42 5-(SWA)

U13 Boys 800m – Jack O’BRIEN                                Bridgend AC (SWA)              2:38.91 3-(SWA) (Bronze Medal)

U15 Girls 800m – Niamh O’BRIEN                           Bridgend AC (SWA)              3:05.41 9-(SWA)

U17 Women 800m – Leonora BREHENY                Bridgend AC (SWA)              2:54.19 9-(SWA)

U15 Boys 800m   – Joshua KERRY                           Bridgend AC (SWA)              2:36.33 5-(SWA)

U13 Boys 60m    – Lewis STEPHENS                         Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.84              3-(SWA) (Bronze Medal)

U15 Girls 60m   – Emily PENNY                                 Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.42              2-(SWA) (Silver Medal)

U15 Girls 60m   – Jersey JONES                               Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.66              6-(SWA)

U15 Girls 60m   – Aimee CHILDS                              Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.74              7-(SWA)

U15 Girls 60m   – Mia LUNN                                     Bridgend AC (SWA)        9.47              16-(SWA)

U13 Girls 60m   – Tianna TEISAR                              Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.69              1-(SWA) (Gold Medal)

U13 Girls 60m   – Maja Lizette GALVEZ                   Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.87              5-(SWA)

U13 Girls 60m   – Aimee LEE                                     Bridgend AC (SWA)        9.49              11-(SWA)

U13 Girls 60m   – Orea PLAYER                                Bridgend AC (SWA)        9.75              15-(SWA)

U13 Girls 60m   – Georgia SMELE                             Bridgend AC (SWA)              9.92       18-(SWA)

U13 Girls 60m   – Ellie LORIMER                              Bridgend AC (SWA)        10.48              19-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Evan JONES                                  Bridgend AC (SWA)        7.45              1-(SWA) (Gold Medal)

U15 Boys 60m   – Joseph KIMPTON                        Bridgend AC (SWA)        7.72              2-(SWA) (Silver Medal)

U15 Boys 60m   – Ethan RAND                                 Bridgend AC (SWA)        7.90              5-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Mabon RHYS                                Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.27              9-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Tomos BROAD                              Bridgend AC (SWA)              8.37       10-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Morgan OLPHERT                       Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.40              11-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Joshua STEPHENS                       Bridgend AC (SWA)        8.45              12-(SWA)

U15 Boys 60m   – Ewan BAILEY                                Bridgend AC (SWA)        9.03              14-(SWA)

U15 Girls Shot Put – Niamh O’BRIEN                      Bridgend AC (SWA)        6.59              5-(SWA)

U15 Boys Long Jump – Ewan BAILEY                      Bridgend AC (SWA)        4.09              6-(SWA)

U13 Boys Long Jump – Jack O’BRIEN                      Bridgend AC (SWA)        3.79              4-(SWA)

U13 Girls Shot Put – Georgia SMELE                       Bridgend AC (SWA)        4.38              12-(SWA)