Bridgend AC

Track etiquette

A reminder to all athletes who train at the club house / track – so that most of you…
  • – Always look left when crossing the track – treat it as you might treat a road
  • Do the same when looking to cross the Long Jump runway – it too could have a sprinting athlete that might be interrupted (or worse) by you not looking
  • Look to to take the correct way around the track when looking to start efforts that maybe the other side of the track
  • Look to stay as close as you can to the inside of the track when running in lane 1 – to ensure easy overtaking where it happens
  • Use the outer lanes for recovery runs, warm-up and cool-down
  • Always be mindful of any throws practise in progress, and look to do as the coaches ask when this is happening – they are responsible for your safety
  • Don’t use headphones when you are training
Do this at Newbridge Fields and at ALL tracks you visit (especially during events)
Thanks all!

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