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Senior Endurance – 3K Handicap Event -Treoes – 02/0715

Great to see so many Seniors competing in the fun in the sun that was last nights 3K Handicap Event.

This year saw a change of course, with the race moving slightly eastwards to the Troes Loop area. Many thanks to Steve, Stu and Jacquie for the measurement of the course, time keeping, marshaling and so on.

The final timings were as follows

  1. Gareth Hardman              11:57                     scratch                  11:57
  2. Dan Morgan                       11:57                     00:15                  11:42
  3. Georgie Dando                 12:34                     scratch                  12:34     1st female
  4. Dave Carrington               12:40                     00:15                     12:25
  5. Nick Stocker                       12:41                     00:45                    11:56
  6. Gareth Davies                   12:51                     02:15                     10:36
  7. Andy Wicks                         12:54                     01:30                    11:24
  8. Jamie Clode                        12:56                     01:30                    11:26
  9. Gavin Gates                       12:58                     03:15                     09:43
  10. Alan Kerr                             13:05                     02:15                    10:50
  11. Greg Newhams                13:08                     01:30                     11:38
  12. Sophie Moore                   13:10                     01:15                     11:55
  13. Matt Wells                          13:12                     03:30                     09:40  Fastest Male
  14. Darren Hiscox                    13:13                     03:15                     09:58
  15. Mark Emery                       13:14                     03:15                     09:59
  16. Clare Hughes                     13:15                     00:45                     12:30
  17. Gemma Roche-Clarke       13:16                     01:15                     12:01
  18. Kate Roberts                      13:16                     03:15                     10:01 Fastest Female
  19. John Morgan                     13:21                     02:00                     11:21
  20. Andrew Martin                    13:24                     02:45                     10:39
  21. Rob Atkin                            13:32                     03:30                     10:02

 22.   Rob Hunt                             14:02                     02:45                    11:17

Great running at Swansea Half

Results from yesterday’s Swansea Half, as reported by our on-the-spot-reporter Mr Jamie Clode….

Matthew Wells 01:16:08
Gavin Gates. 01:18:28
Andrew Hodgson 01:19:41
Dan Glen. 01:23:33
Jamie Clode. 01:34:22
John Morgan. 01:35:23
Nick Stocker. 01:35:54
Clare Osborne Hughes 01:37:12
Gareth Davies. 01:37:50

Well done all. Great running in some hot and windy conditions. Definitely some castle legs still carried too.

Full BAC results are now on the Senior Results page.

Welsh Castles Relay 2015

As ever 20 runners, their supporters, supporters families and various others have just had a fantastic weekend taking part in the Welsh Castles Relay.

A huge thank you goes to all who participated, who ferried and who marshalled on Leg 18.

The provisional results have us placed 9th – a great result for a little club – when you consider the size of some of the opposition clubs.

There are lots of pictures already in the new BAC Flickr site – any who took pics please feel free to upload your snaps to the site

Here’s one pic that I think just captures the spirit that is WCR – Simon Osbourne having more fun that anyone running a Mountain Stage should really be having I suspect….


Louise Arthur League Event – Neath – Sunday 7th June

So – who’s competing in which event?

Well – all you U11’s – please use this spreadsheet which shows the events you are planned to compete in on the weekend in Neath. All you U13s – please use this spreadsheet .

If you dont have access to Excel – or cannot get hold of this sheet in any way – then please ping Julia Ridge an email

A full event timetable will be added to this post as soon as we can find one! In the meantime please plan to be at the venue by no later than 30 minutes before the start of your event.

Cwrt Herbert Athletics Track
Neath Sports Centre
Neath Abbey Road, Neath SA10 7BE

Use this Google Map link to find the track on the map

It looks like its going to be a warm weekend – so take plenty of water and sunscreen.

Good luck in your event!

Bridgend Athletic Club and HALO Leisure in partnership in Bridgend

We are very please to announce that we have joined forces with HALO Leisure in providing for the the Junior athletics pathway.

HALO Leisure now run Run-Jump-Throw sessions at the Bridgend Recreation Centre as a partner programme to the sessions provided by BAC – as an introduction to athletics which may be of interest to athletes whilst BAC have a waiting list, and to those who are too young to join the BAC sessions.

The programhalo logo-smallme consists of

Welsh R/J/T sessions:    Every Wednesday 5-6pm (3-11yrs old)
English R/J/T sessions: Every Thursday 4-5pm (3 – 6 yrs old) and and between 5-6pm (7 – 11 yrs old)
 HALO Leisure information leaflets in English and Welsh are also available for download.

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